Sri Lanka tourist arrivals up 4.5-pct in June; Chinese visitors drop

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s tourist arrivals rose 4.5 percent to 123,351 in June 2017 from a year earlier, with a drop in Chinese arrivals, official data showed.

In the first six months of the year arrivals were up 4.8 percent to 1.01 million with the a partial airport closure hurting the sector up to April.

Visitors from Western Europe climbed 12.3 percent to 33,228 with UK arrivals up 10.8 percent to 10,424 and Germany up 28.6 percent to 7,024.

Arrivals from the Netherlands rose 40 percent to 2,399, Spain 44 percent to 1,059 while visitors from France fell 8 percent to 3,365.

Eastern European arrivals dropped 18.3 percent to 3,865 with Russia down 36 percent to 1,029 and Ukraine down 26.9 percent to 552.

Visitors from East Asia dropped 5.7 percent to 28,643, with Chinese tourists dropping 13.8 percent to 17,205, breaking off from a trend of double digit growth seen in recent years. The June number is also down from 18,494 see in May 2017.

However last June, Chinese arrivals surged 28.8 percent to 19,952.

Arrivals from India, Sri Lanka’s largest generating market rose 4.7 percent to 27,068.

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