Sri Lanka tries exorcism as voodoo fails to fight virus

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s government is turning to exorcism in a desperate bid to tackle the spread of Covid-19 after sorcery, spiritual syrups and “pot-luck” failed to stem the surge in infections.

An official ceremony to exorcise evil spirits and end the pandemic will be held overnight at the Divulapitiya Divisional Secretariat in the Gampaha district from sunset on Saturday till dawn Sunday, the Government Information Department said.

It said all political leaders and state officials in the Gampaha district will attend the overnight ritual conducted by a visiting lecturer of the Kelaniya University, Sarath Sumana Rajakaruna.

The “Gam Madu” ritual is aimed at exorcising spirits said to be responsible for the pandemic.

The latest move follows an attempt by Health Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi to throw pots of water said to have been blessed by self-styled godman Eliyantha White who claimed it could end the virus. However, the minister ended up getting infected and required ICU treatment at the IDH hospital.

The latest move also follows another failed attempt to immunize the population using a syrup prepared by a mason who claimed the goddess Kali appeared to him in a dream and gave him the recipe that had four ingredients, including honey and nutmeg.

Health Minister Wanniarachchi was the poster girl for what was touted as the “Dhammika Paniya” after consuming it in front of television cameras.

Mason Dhammika Bandara claimed that a dose of his concoction would give life-long immunity against any virus, but Wanniarachchi and several members of parliament who slurped the syrup ended up in the hospital.

Since the health minister resorted to black magic and sorcery to fight the virus, the number of infections and deaths have risen sharply.

Sri Lanka had about 11,000 infections and 20 deaths when she sought supernatural help, but since then more than 68,000 people have contracted the virus and 339 of them have died. (COLOMBO, Feb 5, 2021)





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  1. Religious rituals and thovils may have some effect on mental and psychological conditions, not for physical ailments and infections. Propagating this type of superstition by politicians and government officials is a dangerous trend. They unashamedly lead the gullible people into danger.

  2. It is very unfortunate we are still trying to depend on things which has no base and not offer practical results in our day-to-day lives. This is due to the fact that our cultures are mostly related with the myths. Some time most of our cultural practices are myths. Main myths are believing in gods, believing in cycle of rebirth, believing in after life and trying to relate our thoughts/acts with cause and effects. Every action has a reaction, that is true, but we don’t know for sure how many reactions has one action and further immaterial reactions are hard to acknowledged. That is why we need provable proofs for punishment. If the foundation is wrong we can’t expect strong results. 99% of us are believing in myths. According to the cause and effects we can guess some extent , what would be the results when we base our lives on lies/myths/beliefs. Lies, myths and beliefs are good friends of politicians,bussinessmens and law breakers. I heard president once said that he govern the country according to the Buddha’s teaching. But we expect him to follow the constitution. If president want to use Buddhist rules , that must be included in the constitution. Anyhow,end of the day we are going on the wrong way. So hard to expect right results. Truth is burried. Truth means what we can prove in material or through feeling in other way truth is proof of same action has same reaction.

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