Sri Lanka TV anchor responds to report on Facebook post

ECONOMYNEXT – Derana TV anchor Chapa Chapabandara has responded to our report headlined ‘Facebook takes down Sri Lanka TV anchor’s posts justifying NZ massacre.’

Chapabandara says his comments were ‘misinterpreted with ‘ulterior motives.’

His full comment in Sinhala posted on his Facebook page translates as: "Dangerous shooting in New Zealand! They must be thinking they can feed us poison and live in fun! Huh… CHAPA, March 15, 2019"

The report was based on Facebook taking down Chapabandara’s post as well as like-minded comments he received via his Facebook page.

The comments were taken down after other Facebook users reported that Chapabandara’s post was offensive, incited hatred, and violated the community standards of the social media platform.

Facebook said it not only removed Chapabandara’s posts, but also informed him that they were taken down for violating decency standards of the [platform.

“We’ve reviewed the share you reported (Chapabandara’s post). As it violated our Community Standards, we’ve removed it. Thank you for your report. We’ve let Chapa Chapabandara know that their share has been removed,” Facebook told those who reported Chapabandara.

Chapabandara was extensively criticised on his Facebook post itself for attempting to justify the massacre of 50 Muslims at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand on March 15 by saying it was retribution for exporting “poisoned” milk powder to Sri Lanka.

The full statement is reproduced below:

Who justifies New Zealand massacre?





I vehemently deny the contents of the malicious report published on March 21 in your web, economynext with the heading

Facebook takes down Sri Lanka TV anchor’s posts justifying NZ massacre

The entire report is nothing but a baseless and vicious personal attack on me to create public hatred against me.

The undisclosed and hidden author of the report completely distorted the message carrying in my post and blatantly misinterpreted it, apparently with ulterior motives.

It is to be emphasized that I, as an activist and a journalist, have always criticized and continue to fight against terrorism and violence. However, I extend the interpretation and scope of the term “terrorism” (in the modern context), to include different types of terrorism covering from international pharmaceutical to food industries (mafia).

From the beginning I criticized the acts of terrorism (in that sense) of the so called Developed and Western Countries, which build their prosperity and security by plundering the natural recourses, endangering the national security and sovereignty and destroying the economies and health of the developing or third world countries that are struggling in poverty and debt.

The basic message of my post is that such imbalance created by the globalized terrorism of those capitalist countries, cannot assure their domestic safety and stability, as they are always subject to the thrust and impact of the pressures of the countries victimized by poverty and debt.

Therefore I sympathize for the little understanding the hidden author of the said report and I reemphasize that I never justify the New Zealand Massacre as misinterpreted in the report.



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