Sri Lanka Uber driver released on bail after aggravated assault on passenger

ECONOMYNEXT – An Uber driver who slammed a passenger against the vehicle and left him fallen on the roadside with head injuries after a ‘cancellation fee’ incident was bailed out after the case was called at Kaduwela magistrate’s court Friday.

Kaduwela magistrate released him on a surety bail after being produced in connection with an offence relating a section 315/316 of the penal code (assault).

The passenger had complained that the Uber driver had dragged him out of the three wheeler, slammed his head against a metal pole of the vehicle fracturing head and injuring his eye and ears.

The fallen passenger, who had been barely conscious had been found by a passer-by who had called the Suwaseriya ambulance service to take him to hospital.

The Uber driver had turned abusive after the passenger had asked a question about an extra fee that appeared, the passenger had said.

In Sri Lanka Uber customers have complained in social media about so-called ‘cancellation fee’ incidents where a driver delays his arrival, loitering nearby, leading to a cancellation and then picks up a new call.

The passenger is then charged a cancellation fee.

Uber users have complained on social media that there is no customer service office or number in Sri Lanka to contact and make complaints, though the firm has been operating in the island for many years.

Unlike some other taxi services in Sri Lanka where the telephone number of the driver is given to the passenger, Uber users have complained that drivers are protected from direct contact and users cannot even ask for items which are forgotten in the taxi. (Colombo/Dec06/2019)





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