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Sri Lanka UN rights report asks member states to do own probes and prosecute

ECONOMYNEXT – A report by the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights has asked member states to probe and prosecute alleged war criminals on their own, in addition to a key recommendation setting up a ‘hybrid’ court in Sri Lanka with international participation.

"Wherever possible, notably under universal jurisdiction, investigate and prosecute those responsible for violations such as torture, war crimes or crimes against humanity," a report by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said.

"Continue to monitor human rights developments and progress towards accountability and reconciliation through the Human Rights Council;

"Should there be insufficient progress, the Human Rights Council should consider further international action to ensure accountability for international crimes.

The report said members should give financial support to develop a "transitional justice mechanisms," if they meet international standards.

Member states should apply "stringent vetting procedures to Sri Lankan police and military personnel identified for peacekeeping, military exchanges and training programmes".

Tamil refugees who have suffered torture and other should not be turned back, the report said.

The report found unlawful killings, torture, sexual violence and allegations of ‘system crimes’ which may amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity in Sri Lanka’s civil war.

Tamil Tiger separatist were also blamed for killings, using child soldiers and preventing civilians from Leaving conflict areas. (Colombo/Sept15/2015)





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