Sri Lanka vegetable prices fall and farmers in difficulties, price controllers not seen

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s farmers who could not sell vegetable complained in national television Monday days after a permit raj was tightened and a price control agency was lionized on national television amid curfews slapped to control Coronavirus.

Sri Lanka’s Consumer Affairs Authority , the price control agency was seen on television berating traders at economic centres and disrupting activities over the weekend.

Television anchors claimed that ‘kooter welandun’ (racketeering businessmen) were driving up prices.

At the time trades pointed out that that there was no benefit to farmers as vegetables brought low prices in Dambulla were being sold at high prices in retail level.

There were many buyers after the curfew was initially lifted but the government then clamped on a permit raj.

On Monday on television the lionized price controllers were absent. Television anchors were wondering what has happened and were advocating more state planning and centralized distribution. (Colombo/Mar30/2020)

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