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Sri Lanka VOA shortwave station has 4.2MW of thermal power: US embassy

ECONOMYNEXT – A Voice of America shortwave relay station that has been closed and is being returned to the government has 4.2MegaWatts of power generation capacity, the US embassy said.

"The United States government is returning with gratitude its lease of over 400 acres of property in Iranawila back to the Government of Sri Lanka in its entirety, including any and all improvements," the embassy said in a statement.

"During the time of its operation, the US government has developed the Iranawila property,  building roads, clearing and levelling the land, building drainage canals, fences, and modern office buildings. 

"The US government has also installed service connections to public utilities and 4.2Mw of onsite self-generated power. 

"All of these improvements have significantly increased the property’s value and the flexibility of the site to serve many roles in the future.

Sri Lanka is planning to offer the land to develop eco-friendly tourism.

Especially after World War II, shortwave radio was a key route for news to travel to countries behind the former ‘Iron Curtain’ where news was censored.

In Sri Lanka, until private FM and Television Radio stations started broadcasting news in the mid-1990s, people listened to shortwave radio including the VOA, BBC and Veritas to get news that the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation did not carry.

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