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Sri Lanka Western Province Coronavirus curfew till November 09, 0500h: Army chief

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka has extended Coronavirus curfews in the Western province and key areas to contain the spread of Coronavirus after as the disease spread country-wide and large numbers of infected people turned up in the capital Colombo and some key towns in random tests.

“After analyzing the data we decided to keep the curfew in the Western Province from 0500 am tomorrow till 0500 am on November 09,” Sri Lanka’s anti-Covid chief General Shavendra Silva said in a televised address.

“This is because see a large number of cases in this areas. In Eheliyagoda police area and Kurunegala municipal area and Kuliyapitiya police area, also we have extended the curfew.”

He said only people involved in essential services would be allowed to move.

Goods will be sent on home delivery from Monday with the process used in the first half of 2020 being re-activated.

“I also appeal to you to limit travelling between districts,” he said. “People in other provinces also should not travel between districts.”

People who have cough and related symptoms have been requested to call the hotline – 011796636 instead of travelling to hospital on their own, the Secretary to the Ministry of Health S M Munasinghe said.

He said the viral that was spreading now was spreading faster because the viral loads was higher.

“If an health official comes and asks to do a PCR test, please co-operate and stay at home,” he said.

People with complications will be admitted to a ‘level 01’ hospital and others will be admitted to a treatment centre.





The curfews came as Sri Lanka dropped institutionalized quarantine.

“We also request those in home quarantine also not to go out,” General Silva said.

People with symptoms are asked to call 0117 966 366 without going to hospital.

The government will provide suport for people in home quarantine, he said.

Sri Lanka’s Coronavirus deaths went up to 21 on November 01, with a 40-year-old male who had turned up in hospital being confirmed after his death, while 397 new cases were confirmed during the day, health ministry data showed and Covid-19 curfews were widened.

The dead patient, who was a resident of Mahara had turned up in the the National Hospital for Respiratory Diseases, Welisara on October 23, with respiratory difficulties and high blood pressure.

On November 01, Sri Lanka confirmed 397 new cases. Sri Lanka’s Health Promotion Bureau has said over 11,000 tests are now being done a day.

Authorities insist that there is no community transmission in Sri Lanka including in the Western province. The area is now under curfew but large clusters are coming up in several key towns.

Health officials say the current virus is more contagious than earlier ones, but has not increased social distancing to 5 or 6 feet from the current 3.

The total from the new clusters went up to 7,582 and the total confirmed to over 11,060.

Sri Lanka’s anti-Covid task force said 34 employees of the Bodyline apparel factory in Horana and 18 positive cases from Mawanella ,Kegalle were among new patients.

Ravi Kumadesh, head of Sri Lanka Association of Government Medical Laboratory Technologists said testing had been ramped up to 2,600 a day at the IDH and a backlog of 2,000 will be cleared in two days.

Sri Lanka is building more treatment centres using former quarantine facilities run by the military.

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