Sri Lanka wildlife, forest camps, bungalows to re-open

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ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s wildlife and forest departments will reopen bungalows and camping sites for travellers, which were closed amid a Coronavirus outbreak from December 04, 2020, the Department of Wildlife and Conservation said.

All the bungalows and camping sites that are under the Department of Wildlife and Conservation were closed in March at the initial stages of COVID-19 infections in the country.

However, the private sector was allowed to operate.

Issuing a statement, the Department of Wildlife said all travellers who have pre-booked the camping grounds and bungalows for rest of the month of December will be permitted to continue their travelling and the information regarding the permission will be sent to all the individual travel groups that have pre-booked the grounds and bungalows with the Department of Wildlife and Conservation.

“All travellers who booked the bungalows and camping sites from December 01 – 03 can renew their bookings for any day until March 31, 2021” the statement added.

Further, the statement said all the travellers who will be using the department’s bungalows and camping sites should strictly follow the health guidelines given by the health authorities.

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  1. The vehicular traffic inside the sanctuaries must be reduced, and has been far too much. An improved movement should be in force, so that the wildlife will be more visible and less disturbed. Poaching should be given an even more severe punishment. Any removal of flora or fauna should cease immediately for whatever reason.

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