Sri Lanka’s Dockyard to build tug, barge for Maldives

COLOMBO (EconomyNext) – Sri Lankan ship builder Colombo Dockyard PLC said it had won contracts to build an 8-ton Bollard Pull Tug and a 45-metre Flat Top Barge for the Maldivian State Trading Organization PLC (STO).

The tug, designed by ship designer Macduff Ship Design Ltd of UK, is based on a workboat originally built for Perth Harbour, and has been customized to suit STO’s operational requirements, a statement said.

The Flat Top Barge is to be used for deck loading operations in the coastal areas of Maldives and is designed by Marine Consultants of India. 

Colombo Dockyard said it has been one of the “trustworthy shipbuilders” for the Maldivian shipping fraternity and had previously built a range of vessels such as Coastal Surveillance Vessels, Fire Fighting Boats, Landing Craft and Fisheries Protection Vessels.


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