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Sri Lanka’s foreign missions to support trade, investment promotion

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s new govenrment will make use of foreign diplomatic missions to promote the island’s businesses, trade and invetsment, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Harsha De Silva said.

“The Foreign Ministry will ensure our network of offices across the world and policies are crucial to ensure exports grow,” he told a forum at the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce on economic diplomacy and winning global markets.

“This would be looked at with a lot of importance and urgency.”

De Silva said he wants to make better use of the foreign service to help businesses expand and attract invetsments and create jobs.

“I want to see if the foreign office can focus more on it – take Sri Lankan business overseas, how we can create more successful export companies like Dilmahs, Damro, Brandix and Amanté.”
Foreign ambassadors he meets in Colombo have a “singular focus” – to prmote trade and  investment, De Silva said.

“They talk smainly about investment opporutnties, a project, trade, how one of their companies is subject to a dispute and how to settle it,” De Silva said.  (Colombo/October 07 2015)

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