Sri Lanka’s MAS Holdings, Hellmann Worldwide expand logistics joint venture

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lankan apparel exporter MAS Holdings and Hellmann Worldwide Logistics are expanding their joint venture for logistics and supply chain related activities by setting up a new unit.

The Board of Investment said it signed an agreement with Hellman MAS Supply Chain Private Ltd. for an expansion unit and also provide additional services to their partnership supporting a leading global sports and activewear brand.

“I am optimistic that the demand continues to increase as is seen,” said Anton Grebener, chief executive for Hellmann MAS Supply Chain.

“We will not only require a further expansion unit in early 2020 for the current activities that we provide, but also expand in building a comprehensive end to end validated supply chain solution for the fashion sector from Sri Lanka.”

The joint venture aims to provide the same services to apparel exporters beyond MAS who would leverage on its capabilities, a statement from the BOI said.

Shirendra Lawrence, group chief operating officer for MAS Holdings, said the firm is happy with the progress of the logistics business which has added value to services provided to customers and provides a competitive advantage.

The logistics Valua Added Service center could eventually be expanded to operate under the hub act, a new which encourages logistics businesses.

“Apart from providing value added services, HMSC provides warehouse capacity enabling MAS Group to expand their core competency in manufacturing by releasing previously utilized warehouse capacity for a globally recognized leader in the sports and activewear space,” Lawrence said.

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics and MAS Holdings signed an agreement in January 2018 to set up a joint venture for logistics and supply chain related activities.

Hellmann MAS Supply Chain currently operates 5 locations, two of which are BOI registered.





The first location provides logistics and distribution for incoming goods and local operations going beyond apparel.

The second location is providing value added services for products being prepared for export with VAS, warehousing and logistics.

(COLOMBO, 10 July, 2019)

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