Sri Lanka’s port master plan stresses efficiency to stay competitive

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s new national port master plan has recommended that Colombo port move fast to improve efficiency and infrastructure to support its main transhipment business and exports and imports. 

The island’s strategy is to become an internationally well recognised maritime centre, according to the plan done by MTBS of the Netherlands and NIRAS A/S, a Scandinavian consulting engineering company.
“The port sector needs to move fast on the innovation and efficiency improvements through investments to stay competitive both to support the transhipment hub as well as the exports vision,” said the plan, funded by Asian Development Bank and Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction.
The Port of Colombo should become more efficient to support the national export strategy on targeted export sectors, as well as improving the logistics on import cargoes, it said. 
Efficiency of the container logistics chain is also stressed as many trades are transported by containers.
“This can be catered for through better infrastructure on port and hinterland connections as well as on administration and procedures,” the master plan said. 
“The latter can be achieved through a combination of digitalisation through a single maritime window as well as through trade facilitation and improved customs procedures. “
The plan recommends the development of cargo villages or free trade zones connecting to the port to cater for demands of export manufacturers and foreign direct investment.  
(COLOMBO, 20 June, 2019)

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