Sri Lankan Airbus aborts flight to Mumbai after on-board emergency

ECONOMYNEXT – A Mumbai-bound SriLankan Airlines flight aborted landing at its destination and returned to base following a hydraulics failure, official sources said Tuesady.
The Airbus A-330 aircraft with nearly 140 passengers on-board was about to land after flying for nearly two hours when the pilots noticed that one of the three hydraulic pumps had overheated causing a cockpit emergency.
"There was enough hydraulic power for the aircraft to make a safe landing, but the pilots would not have been able to make the return journey without fixing the problem," an airline source said. It made an emergency landing at Katunayake early Tuesday. No one was hurt.
He said the decision was taken for the aircraft to return back to base and operate another flight to take the passengers to Mumbai.
"It would have been very expensive to carry out the repair in Mumbai and we would have also had to keep the aircraft on the ground for longer at a foreign airport," the source said asking not to be named.
(COLOMBO, November 14, 2017)

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