Sri Lankan exporters offered help to enter Sweden

COLOMBO (EconomyNext) – Sweden has offered Sri Lankan exporters the use of its Open Trade Gate (OTGS), which acts as a facilitator to exporters, to enter the Swedish and the Scandinavian market, the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce said.

A statement said officials of the OTGS held a half-day seminar for Sri Lankan exporters at the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce recently.

It covered areas such as the services the exporters can obtained via the Open Trade Gate of Sweden, export procedures to be followed when exporting to Sweden, and EU regulations and requirements.

The officials also highlighted details about the Swedish imports and consumer demands, and topics of special complexity, such as the rules of origin, certification, and standards.

Helena Hafgren, a senior official of the Open Trade Gate of Sweden, textiles and garments, ceramics, jewellery, fruits and vegetables, tea and spices are among several items that Sri Lankan exporters can focus on exporting to Sweden.

Sri Lanka during 2014 exported around 30 million US dollars worth of goods to Sweden, while it imported 45 million dollars of goods from that country.

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