Sri Lankan municipality expands solid waste biogas generation

ECONOMYNEXT – The Kaduwela Municipal Council in Sri Lanka plans to expand the generation of biogas energy from solid waste and eventually supply the national grid, while reducing garbage sent to landfills.

The Waste Management Unit in Kaduwela currently accommodates one tonne of degradable solid waste a day, with the gas produced fed into a 5kW generator that supplements the electricity requirement of the Waste Collection Center.

The Kaduwela Municipal Council will scale up the initiative to use 10MT of solid waste a day under a project co-funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), a statement said.

In 2015, UNDP provided technical assistance to the Kaduwela Municipal Council to pilot the Solid Waste Management Project with a local partner, Janathakshan.

The project will also result in improving the standard of living of communities living around landfills, while serving as a model for waste management in other Municipal Council areas, the statement said.

The municipality gets about 90 tonnes of garbage a day, of which 40 percent is non-degradable and sent to recycling and up-cycling initiatives.

Of the balance, about 20-25 percent of waste is used for composting and the remainder is sent to landfills, which is now gradually being brought down by the biogas unit.

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