Sri Lankan National Unity helped us overcome Easter bombings – Ranil

By Sri Lankans standing united, we have been able to bring normalcy back to the country says Prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe in a statement to mark the three months since the Easter attacks.

Around 260 people were killed and several hundred injured when seven suicide bombers from the Islamic extremist organisation the National Towheed Jamaat struck three churches and three five star hotels on Easter Sunday.

In a statement released to the Media on Saturday July 20, the Prime Minister observed that the country stayed united despite attempts by a few to divide the nation.

Wickremesinghe went on to say “as the citizens of this country we must be united to overcome the challenges we encounter.”

Recapping the incident the PM said that “intelligence information on the attack was not communicated properly. Despite this question, all those who are behind the attack were brought before the Justice within a short period of two months owing to the swift actions we have taken. We must appreciate the good work our security forces have done in this regard.”  

The government, he said, has paid compensation for the people who were killed.

“We provided compensation and also arranged for the medical assistance to the injured. We have established a fund to take care of the children who were orphaned. Restored the places of worship and private properties that were damaged. We managed to bring public life back to normalcy. Reenergized the crippled economy. Revamped the tourism sector. Consolidated national security.” 

“We managed to get international cooperation and advise to combat the threat of global terrorism. We have also taken steps to bring new laws to fight terrorism.”

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