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Sri Lankan president advocates collective response against political violence

ECONOMYNEXT –  Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena said collective security mechanisms need to be developed to meet the threat to democracies from growing global political violence.

“No nation would be able to survive without national security intact and all alone, but absence of security would definitely push the entire population into a state of horror and anarchy, needless to mention,” he said in a message to a defence forum in Colombo.

“We have undergone those bitter experiences and overcome those threats against our own survival as a multi ethnic nation, thanks to our own armed forces,” Sirisena told the the Defence Seminar 2018, referring to the 30-year Tamil Tiger separatist war that ended in 2009.

Defence officials meeting at the forum “have the responsibility as well as the capacity to address contemporaneous security issues that appear to be increasingly interconnected and unpredictable, both at regional and global levels in correct perspective during your consultations,” he said.

The ‘Colombo Defence Seminar’, held by the Sri Lanka Army, since its inception has been fully dedicated and committed to promote global partnership through extensive discussions of current relevance, Sirisena said.

This was particularly in the wake of the appearance of different disruptive forces that would multiply grave threats to the democratic statecraft, political and socio-economic stability and more significantly, he said.

“This open and frank academic parley, I am pretty sure, would induce all of you to seek means to muster collective efforts, away from traditional perspectives and explore possibilities to seek collective mechanisms to overcome disruptions against long-lasting peace through intellectual brainstorming.”

Sirisena, currently on a tour to Nepal to attend the 4th Summit of the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multisectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC), said that in an era of global disruptions, knowledge and military technology are vital factors.

Challenges from various quarters is far more complex than what countries faced 50 years ago,“We need to take into consideration that advanced technology while being an asset in certain instances, also pose a great challenge in other areas. Security is vital for each nation or global coexistence and safety,” Sirisena said.

“If there is no national security in a country, there is no survival. Democracy and freedom is vital to very country. Hence, I consider the theme chosen for the Defence Seminar ‘Security in an era of global disruptions,’ as a timely and most appropriate theme to fit today’s context,” he noted.





(COLOMBO, 31 August, 2018)


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