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Sri Lankans taking more drugs after price controls: Minister

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s pharmaceuticals sales are up after price controls reduced prices, with patients also urging, doctors to prescribe the ‘best’ drugs, Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne said.

"Pharmacies are now selling more drugs than before, though the margins have come down," Senaratne told reporters.

Patients who took drugs intermittently were now taking them regularly after price controls were imposed on a number of drugs, he said.

"Patients are also asking doctors to write the best drug meaning ones which were more expensive before," Minister Senaratne said.

So-called branded or ‘original’ drugs produced mostly by Western firms that invented the drug tends to be more expensive than generics produced elsewhere.

The efficacy of some of the generics however can vary as such firms do not perform clinical trials and many or may not use the same process of manufacture, though the chemical composition of the drug may be the same.


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