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Sri Lanka’s Bieco Link set to resume activated carbon production

Colombo, Feb 9 (EconomyNext) Sri Lanka’s Adam Investments Plc said it was revamping the manufacturing plant of an activated carbon company it bought last year with the aim of reviving commercial production.

The unit, Bieco Link Carbons, a fully-owned subsidiary of PCH Holdings, was brought under the management of Adam Investments in November 2014, a stock exchange filing said.

"The manufacturing plant, which was non-operational for nearly one year, is now being refurbished and upgraded in order to commence commercial production,"  Adam Investments said.

Activated carbon made by Bieco Link from coconut shells, is used for air and water purification as well as in gold refining and in the petroleum and the chemicals industry.
Bieco Link is a manufacturer of granular and powdered activated carbon set up in 1989 on a 12-acre freehold property in Giriulla in the north-central province.

Adam Investments said the activated carbon manufacturer uses both vertical and rotary kiln technologies in the steam activation process.


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