Sri Lanka’s Credence Genomics offers faster, cheaper disease treatment

EconomyNext – Sri Lanka’s Credence Genomics said its services offering diagnosis and treatment of diseases based on analysis of individual genes could make treatment more effective while drastically reducing costs and time.

The firm, which claims to be the country’s first and only commercial biotechnology venture, equipped with ‘Next Generation Sequencing’ technology, aims to be the main alternative to the existing reactive health care model.

Their treatment technique, known as ‘personalised medicine’, is based on genetic tests
that are emerging from what’s known as the revolution in DNA sequencing, breakthroughs in mapping people’s genetic make-up.

Vaz Gnanam, Joint Managing Director said Credence Genomics aims to become "a global leader in genomics through the research, design and development of clinically actionable diagnostics and predictive products and services.”

The firm is supplied by Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., a New York-listed company.

Raj K. Omprasadham, Joint Managing Director, Credence Genomics, said their treatment can save patients "time and money with a faster more accurate diagnostic" and without unnecessary harm to the body throught invasive testing and side effects.

The firm is also offering is services in other fields such as industry and in food and water quality testing.

Credence Genomics has developed a range of commercial genomic products for various industries that include bacterial and fungi testing.






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