Sri Lanka’s Dankotuwa Porcelain boosts India sales

ECONOMYNEXT – Dankotuwa Porcelain, a Sri Lanka based tableware maker said it boosted sales to India 19 percent in 2016, and is facing competition in export markets by changing designs and catering to emerging trends.

Dankotuwa had merged operations with Royal Fernwood Porcelain, another Sri Lanka based manufacturer. In 2016 the firm reported profits of 50 million rupees, up from a loss of 11 million last year.

At group level it lost 15.9 million rupees against a 157 million loss a year earlier.

The firm exported 827 million rupees of tableware. The firm was facing competition from China and Bangladesh and India.

However it had boosted Indian sales by 19 percent last year. Though sales in Chennai were steady, Dankotuwa said it had expanded into Northern India.

Europe, its traditional market was difficult amid weak economic conditions and price competition, Dankotuwa said.

"The market increasingly needs quicker lead times, prompt co-ordination and communication. Trends have shifted from formal dining to more casual dining in most markets which were popular for formal dining," the firm said.

"As such, we focus on developing new innovative products, designs, shapes, demands investment in modern technology and people.

"It is through these efforts and continuous customer relationships that company will gain greater brand value, with a much bigger share of the overall global market of porcelain." (Colombo/Aug14/2016)





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