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Sri Lanka’s economics ‘guru of gurus’ passes away

ECONOMYNEXT – AV de S Indraratna, a senior Sri Lankan economist who has taught thousands of students at Sri Lanka’s main universities has passed away.

He was a professor at Sri Lanka’s Peradeniya and Colombo universities.

"His students in turn became Gurus to many thousands of students as teachers at schools, lecturers at universities and mentors at work places," economist W A Wijewardene has said.

Professor Indraratna is credited with popularising economics in the Sinhala medium, with his popular book ‘Mila Niyaaya’ (Price Theory).

He was elected the General President of the Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science in 1998, President of the Organisation of Professional Associations in 2010 and President of the Sri Lanka Economic Association from 2004.

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