Sri Lanka’s Hambantota port draws Japanese car carrier

EconomyNext – Japanese logistics and freight forwarder SEALS Company has begun using Sri Lanka’s southern port of Hambantota for vehicle transhipment, a Sri Lanka Ports Authority statement said.

"SEALS Company Ltd of Japan extended its Liner RO/RO (Roll-on/Roll-off) service to Sri Lanka," the SLPA said.

The car carrier firm launched the service with the inaugural port call by MV Marine Reliance at Hambantota Port recently.

The service is to be continued with a monthly call at Hambantota to discharge local and transshipment vehicles, according to local agent for SEALS Co, Marine International Agencies.

Hambantota has seen a surge in vehicle transhipment over the past year given its location close to the main Indian Ocean shipping route and discounts on tariffs.

SEALS also has a regular liner service bound direct for Bangladesh launched in October 2013, and a regular pure car carrier service bound for Myanmar with a frequency of two to three services a month started in 2012.


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