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Sri Lanka’s Hemas Hospital designs mobile chamber to move Covid-19 patients

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s Hemas Hospitals said it had designed a sealed chamber to move patients suspected of having Coronavirus or other infectious disease safely without contaminating the surroundings or other staff and patients.

Infectious Patient Transportation Chamber (IPTC) is ventilated with air filters to prevent virus or bacteria from getting in or out.

“The …invention better protects healthcare staff involved in managing infectious patients as well – enabling them to provide a quality, efficient service without the fear of infection,” Hemas Hospitals said.

It will also save time and resources spent to disinfect and clean equipment and areas used to transport infection patients.

The chamber was the brainchild of Chaaminda Kodikara, Senior Manager – Operations, Hemas Hospitals Wattala and it is in the process of being patented, Hemas said.

When transporting a Covi1-9 positive or suspected patient, clinical teams have to take extreme precautionary measures and follow up with disinfecting corridors and lifts.

“This exhaustive process is a costly, time-consuming affair that requires the utmost attention,” Kodikara said in a statement.

“Negligence at any point may lead to contamination and a lockdown of that area. The Infectious Patient Transportation Chamber was designed explicitly to address this growing, unmet need.”

He said in the monsoon season hospitals get an influx of patients with fever, which is a symptom of Covid-19 but many have Dengue.

A special treatment area had been prepared for such patients until Covid-19 is excluded. The chamber will also be useful in the exercise.





Hemas Hospital said it is following Health Minister and World Health Organization guidelines in receiving patients and staff are also trained in the safe use of protective equipment and their disposal. (Colombo/July21/2020)

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