Sri Lanka’s Mullen Lowe to re-design office for inspiration, creativity

ECONOMYNEXT – MullenLowe Sri Lanka, an advertising firm said it is designing its new premises to inspire collaboration, creativity and help working mothers have a better work-life-balance in a post-Covid-19 environment.

Architect and interior design firms, Nela De Zoysa Design Corporation (Pvt) Ltd, a-designstudio and Westgate International (Pvt) Ltd have been retained to design the office.

“We live in times where the line between work and leisure have blurred,” Thayalan Bartlett – Chief Executive Officer of MullenLowe Group Sri Lanka said.

“We want to restore and preserve the independency of both environments by trying to mitigate the pressures at home and office and assist staff to be their best when it comes to family and work.”

Key aspects of the design are to encourage working mothers to have a better work-life-balance, promote healthier living in a relaxed atmosphere and spaces to encourage staff to discover and build their talent, the firm said.

Sanjula Amarasekara- Architectural Designer of a-designstudio said the team will create multifunctional workspaces which will stimulate creativity.

“The flow of functionality within all spaces will play a key role in the overall design concept, whilst providing both communicative spaces and private areas which are not monotonous and inspires creativity and interaction,” Amarasekara said.

Mullen Lowe said over 40 interior design firms responded to their request for proposals and five were invited to make detailed submissions.

MullenLowe Sri Lanka was set up in 1993 as LDB Lintas and later become Lowe LDB. Its name was change dto MullenLowe as a result of a merger with US-based network Mullen in 2015. (Colombo/Feb08/2021)





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