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Sri Lanka’s NDB group eyes South East Asia ‘rice bowl’

COLOMBO (EconomyNext) – Sri Lanka’s NDB group, which is into commercial lending as well as investment banking is in talks to enter a South East Asian country, Chief Executive Rajendra Theagarajah said.

"We are also looking at South East Asia…including ASEAN in some of the growth markets where we feel that there is opportunity not just for the bank but for the group as a whole," he told an investor forum in Colombo.

"And there are ongoing discussions at this point in time."

NDB already has a presence in Bangladesh, where the bank has been for five years.

Theagarajah said the bank was eyeing the ‘rice bowl’ area.

Sri Lankan banks have been eyeing Myanmar. The countries in the Mekong Delta area includes Cambodia and Laos in addition to Vietnam.

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