Sri Lanka’s North and East see brisk voting: polls monitors

COLOMBO (EconomyNext) – Sri Lanka’s North and East has seen brisk polling despite two blasts, with some areas seeing turnouts of nearly 70 percent, a spokesman for a polls monitoring group said, with the rest of the country also seeing strong turnouts.

An official of the Centre for Monitoring Election Violence, a polls monitoring group said in the East, Sinhala dominated areas like Amparai had seen heavier turnout than mostly Tamil speaking areas, with about 65-70 percent coming to vote.

In the north about 70 percent turnout was seen in some areas, an official said.

There had been expectations that about 50 percent may come out to vote in the North.

Two blasts had been heard in the north and some less serious cases where leaflets with false information were being distributed, another official said. They were looking into at least one incident of attempted vote rigging, the official said.

People queued up to vote in large numbers in the capital Colombo. Voters coming out said they had to stay in line longer than in earlier elections.

Polls monitors had expressed feared that voters would be intimidated into staying away.


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