Sri Lanka’s Perpetual caught in evidence tampering, perjury controversy: report

ECONONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s Perpetual Treasuries, a primary dealer under probe for securities fraud has become embroiled in evidence tampering and perjury controversy after revelation that more than a 100 incriminating phone recordings were deleted by company officials, reports said.

Chief Dealer of Perpetual Treasuries, Nuwan Salgado had told a president commission of inquiry that he had asked an computer technician to delete more than 100 telephone recordings on the instructions of chief executive Kasun Palisena, Sri Lanka’s Daily Mirror newspaper said.

Information technology executive Sachith Devatantri had said Salgado had asked him to delete phone recordings from the dealing room system on July 05, 2017, the day before Perpetual was suspended as a primary dealer by the central bank.

The deleted conversations related to March 29 and 30, 2016, where a controversial so-called ‘bondscam’ had taken place.

He had proposed that the main computer should be replaced because deleted data could be recovered. He had watched a video to find out how to crash the computer.

Witness admitted he had earlier said he was not aware of the crash.

Salgado had testified that he had listened to phone recording on the instructions of CEO Palisena and identified conversations that were harmful to Perpetual Treasuries.

The Commission of inquiry had been given data disks with tampered data.  Counsel for Perpetual Nihal Fonseka had declared he was unaware that data was tampered with.

Police investigators had uncovered a compact disks where original data had been backed up.






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