Sri Lanka’s RTI laws would strengthens citizens, freedoms

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s right to information law is strengthening democracy and hands of citizens changing the balance of power long-held by the officialdom by suppressing information, the government said.

Finance and Media Minister Mangala Samaraweera said democracy, reconciliation and development, the three pillars of the administration was helped by the right to information law.

Media Secretary R H S Samaratunga said officials wielded enormous power over the people and sometimes when people were not treated right they had to suffer in silence.

In real life, to do legal battles with government people had to have money, a fair amount knowledge and also be from a certain social background, he said.

But with the right to information act, someone could get the information to take action much more easily and many people were beginning to use the RTI to seek redress, he said.

It will also make the officials, transparent and accountable, he said.

An European-style nation state which was created in Sri Lanka by the British with a lawmaking parliament and a standing army, police and jails to enforce the power has given enormous coervice powers over the people.

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