Sri Lanka’s Supreme Court takes up editors’ complaint

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s Supreme Court today agreed to hear a complaint from the Editors’ Guild over the obstruction of reporters covering the inquest of a 29-year-old man who died following a police assault on party goers.

Chief Justice K. Sripavan invited Guild President Siri Ranasinghe on Tuesday to discuss the complaint, an official said.

The Guild complained that reporters were obstructed by a policeman inside the Embilipitiya court house. Subsequently, police said that they grabbed the note books of reporters on the instructions of the acting magistrate, a claim since disputed.

Editors maintained that police have no right to obstruct reporters whose status is recognized by courts and allowed to take note during proceedings unless it a case heard in camera.

The Guild wants this to be a test case and send a strong message to police that they must act within the law.(COLOMBO, Jan 23, 2016)

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