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Sri Lanka’s unity government crisis deepens

ECONOMYNEXT – The forming of a "consensus cabinet" is set to breach the September 02 deadline as the parties fail to agree on key portfolios, political sources said today.

The time, the official excuse is that the SLFP is holding its annual convention on September 2 and therefore they cannot participate in a swearing in ceremony on that day as announced by UNP chairman Malik Samarawickrama.

The new date could be Sept 4 or even later.

The two sides dropped the "national government" concept when it was clear that the SLFP as a single entity was not joining a UNP-led government. They have now adopted a "consensus cabinet," hereinafter referred to as the con-government.

The con-government will consist of like-minded individuals from both sides of the political divide to make common cause for at least two years. The president will not have powers to dismiss parliament for four and a half years.

The UNP is to take 30 cabinet posts while giving 15 or thereabouts to SLFP MPs. (Colombo/Aug24/2015)

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