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Sri Lanka’s UNP becomes largest party in next parliament

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s ruling United National Party has emerged as the largest party in the 225-seat parliament, getting 106 seats by winning 93 from 22 electoral districts and 13 more seats on the so-called national list, the Elections Department said.

The opposition United People’s Freedom Alliance picked up a total of 95 seats, winning 83 seats and getting 12 more nominated from the national list.

The 29 national list seats are allocated on the total number of votes polled, where the UNP got 45.7 percent of the total or 5.09 million votes, and the UPFA 4.73 million votes.

The JHU, a Bhuddist nationalist party also campaigned on the UNP ticket. The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress which campaigned with the UNP and also separately in the Vanni district won one seat.

The Tamil National Alliance which contested in the north and the east of the country won 16 seats including two from the national list allocation. The Eelam People’s Democratic Party also from Jaffna won one seat.

The Marxist Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna won a total of 6 seats including 2 from the national list allocation, much lower than the at least a dozen expected.

As forecast by our team of politicial specialists no party was able to get an absolute majority.






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