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Sri Lanka’s Welikada prison finds Covid-19 infections among new inmates

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s Welidaka prison has confirmed six Covid 19 positive cases including four female inmates, who had come in from the community in recent days, a top prison official said.

Covid-19 positive were new to the Welikada prison and according to the protocols they had been put in separate cells for 14 days.

“When new prisoners come in we keep them separately for 14 days and do PCR tests of them,” Deputy commissioner, ChandanaEkanayaka told reporters.

“We found them when we did the PCR tests under that process.

“Earlier we found a dispenser in the prison who tested positive for covid 19. We suspect that the virus spread from this dispenser who came to give medicines for inmates.”.

Meanwhile a prison guard in the Welikada Prison has also tested positive for Covid- 19 and has admitted to IDH Hospital, Angoda for treatments.

“The officer who got infected just returned to duty after a four days’ vacation and I was informed that this officer was sick.” Ekanayaka said.

” And Therefore I directed him to do a PCR test and we found that he is a Covid 19 positive patient”.

Ekanaya also said all the contacts of the inmates and the prison guard has been traced and identified.

“We have traced the patients contacts and we found out all the contacts are in the same ward.” Ekanayaka said.





“Therefore we can assure you that it has not spread to other wards in the prison”

Ekanayaka said all the inmates tested positive for Covid 19 had been directed to Welikanda hospitals for treatment. (Colombo/ Nov 06/2020)

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