SriLankan Airlines says new management trainees hired in unbiased, transparent way

ECONOMYNEXT –SriLankan Airlines said it had recruited 20 new management trainees, selected in an unbiased, fully transparent manner, after a one-year comprehensive training programme.

A statement said its management trainee programme was implemented with the aim of absorbing new blood into the national carrier, which under the former regime was plagued with allegations of corruption and mismanagement, and prevent inbreeding of ideas.

 “The airline is going through a decisive period and we hope that (the new management trainees) will play a positive part in supporting all our future ventures,” SriLankan Airlines chairman Ajith Dias said.

“A key feature of the entire training programme is the fact that we have been able to maintain full transparency throughout the entire process, which was unbiased and fully compliant to create the environment of trust and fair appraisal.”

The statement said it is “vital that key positions are filled by newcomers who will not only benefit the organization by preventing inbreeding of ideas but will also grow with the organization to take up future managerial positions.”

SriLankan Airlines has taken six Management Trainee batches in the past and the current intake was inducted in June 2016.

The selection process comprised of a number of rigorous procedures in order to ensure that only the best out of potential candidates were selected.

The airline shortlisted applications of those with degrees with a class or equivalent full professional qualification or outstanding collegiate career with 3 credits for A/Ls who have excelled in sports at a national level while belonging to the required age category.

From 2,391 applicants, 1,505 were shortlisted and called for a written test with 20 candidates officially selected for training.

 “The Management Trainee Programme is something that most of the top organizations in the world have adopted in order to ensure that new blood is infused into the company,” said Sunil Peiris, Director SriLankan Airlines.





“By doing so, we hope to prevent inbreeding in the organization, generate fresh ideas and fill in the void left by the retirement of veteran managers.”
(COLOMBO, July 10, 2017)

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