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SriLankan Airlines to acquire freighter to capture Covid-19 cargo

ALL CARGO: SriLankan has one converted all cargo aircraft.

ECONOMYNEXT – State-run SriLankan Airlines had been given the go ahead to acquire a freighter as a Coronavirus pandemic has cut passenger demand and driven up cargo business, a government statement said.

SriLankan Airlines currently operating cargo flights to 26 destinations mainly with passenger aircraft.

“With Covid-19 cutting passenger demand SriLankan had focused on cargo,” the statement said. “Taking into account the potential in carrying cargo the airlines has altered its business plans.”

The cabinet of ministers had cleared a proposal by tourism and aviation ministers to call for international competitive bids to lease a cargo aircraft.

SriLankan now has a converted one aircraft to carry cargo by removing its seats. It carries cargo in its passenger aircraft holds and also by cabin loading. (Colombo/Mar16/2021)

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  1. Sri Lankan exporters were avoiding the National Airline or refrained from engaging in time-sensitive, perishable and cold chain products, due to lack of capacity and high price in the past. Transporting such commodities via transit points also pose challenges.
    If National Airlines provide these service’s with consistency, with qualitative standards this will open up avenues for the local exporters to be competitive in foreign markets
    However, the key here is consistency, quality followed by regulatory compliance to sustain the market and improve competitiveness for our local produce.
    This approach will put Sri Lanka back on the map and fulfils the need to fast track our exports to enter new markets and to feed the logistics of online trade that demands speed to market and door to door businesses globally.
    Sri Lanka is ideally placed to distribute return loads to a network of countries with belly loads of passenger flights to enhance this mode after demand drops for space to carry Vaccines and PPE.

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