SriLankan Airlines to cancel, reschedule flights for runway repairs

ECONOMYNEXT – SriLankan Airlines will cancel several flights to South Indian destinations and reschedule others for three months from January 2017 because of runway repairs that will close the airport during day time.

The national carrier said the changes were prompted by the closure of Colombo’s Bandaranaike International Airport from 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. each day for runway maintenance work from January 6, 2017, to April 6, 2017.

It will cancel flights from Colombo to Chennai, Trichy, Cochin and Bangalore in South India, as well as to Singapore and Malé.

Flights from Colombo to Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Trivandrum, New Delhi, Karachi, London and Jeddah will be shifted to alternate times of the day, a statement said.

“SriLankan Airlines regrets any inconvenience caused to its passengers due to these arrangements that have been made under unavoidable circumstances,” it said.

“The closure of BIA affects flights of all airlines that operate to BIA during the scheduled time of maintenance work. The airline is not the operator of the airport and has no control over scheduled maintenance work.”

The following flights have been cancelled. However, SriLankan Airlines will continue to serve each of these destinations through its flights at other times of the day:
•    UL308 Colombo-Singapore and UL 309 Singapore-Colombo
•    UL127 Colombo-Chennai and UL122Chennai-Colombo
•    UL133 Colombo-Trichy and UL132Trichy-Colombo
•    UL115 Colombo-Male and UL102 Male-Colombo
•    UL167 Colombo-Cochin and UL166 Cochin-Colombo
•    UL173 Colombo-Bangalore and UL174Bangalore-Colombo

The following flights have been shifted to alternate times of the day:
•    UL868 Colombo-Beijing
•    UL866 Colombo-Shanghai
•    UL402 Colombo-Bangkok and UL403 Bangkok-Colombo
•    UL318 Colombo-Kuala Lumpur and UL319 Kuala Lumpur-Colombo
•    UL306 Colombo-Singapore and UL307 Singapore-Colombo
•    UL161 Colombo-Trivandrum and UL162 Trivandrum -Colombo
•    UL195 Colombo-New Delhi and UL196 New Delhi-Colombo
•    UL183 Colombo-Karachi and UL184 Karachi-Colombo
•    UL503 Colombo-London and UL504 London-Colombo (from January 5, UL 504 will operate as London-Malé-Colombo)
•    UL281 Colombo-Jeddah and UL282 Jeddah-Colombo

The airline said passengers who have already booked tickets on any of these flights should contact their travel agent or the nearest SriLankan Airlines ticket office for details on revised times and/or alternative routings.
(COLOMBO, August 26, 2016)





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