Strict action against those who use formalin in food – State Minister

Strict action will be taken through the Consumer Affairs Authority (CFA) against those who misuse formalin for food preservation, State Minister of Industry and Commerce Buddhika Pathirana said.

Addressing a press conference at Temple Trees today (01 August), Pathirana said that when he was the Acting Minister he took the initiative to present a Cabinet paper to take formalin monopoly under the State Trading Corporation (STC).

“Formalin is given to embalm bodies, for medical faculties and laboratories. But in the recent past, formalin was used to preserve dried fish, fruits and vegetables. Now the formalin monopoly is under STC and as the next step we are going to register all the undertakers and there will be a particular procedure to provide formalin to them.”

Commenting further, the Minister said that the problem has arisen because anyone is able to buy formalin and pointed out that through registering and regulating undertakers, the Ministry can measure how much formalin is used by them and trace those who misuse it.

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