Sumanthiran’s STF guard withdrawn

TNA MP M A Sumanthiran/Facebook

ECONOMYNEXT – A troop of Special Task Force officers guarding Tamil National Alliance Member of Parliament M A Sumanthiran have been withdrawn the MP told reporters today.

“The STF guards who have been there since 2013 were removed last night,” he told the News Centre news service.

“I have not been given a reason for the withdrawal,” he added.

The guards had been removed around the time the P2P march by Tamil and Muslim Civil Society activists staged a rally in Polikandy.

The Commandos have been replaced with two Constables, he said.

Sumanthiran has faced numerous death threats in the recent past. In 2017, the police unveiled a plot by ex-Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam cadres to assassinate him at a public event.

Four men were arrested in that regard in January 2017 and the cases against them are on-going in High Court.

According to multiple newspaper reports during that time, the ex-Cadres had been offered money and escape to India if they carried out the assassination.

Sumanthiran is also a practising lawyer and he told News Centre that there were threats against him from “underworld figures” relating to cases he has fought. (Colombo, February 8, 2021)

Reported by Arjuna Ranawana





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  1. Why does a people’s representative need STF guard.
    What about Home guards from your home area. Surely there will be many who would have voted for you.
    Crying for STF to retain them for status.
    Afraid of Arul>

  2. This act is one that can be construed as “threatening”
    very obviously – the very style of current politics. All
    go on records as against Reconciliation!

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