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Switzerland helping pro-LTTE diaspora – Def Secy

Sri Lanka’s Secretary to the Ministry of Defense Maj. General (Rtd) Kamal Guneratne is accusing the Swiss authorities of being party to an effort by the pro-LTTE international community which is trying to prop up the former militant group.

Speaking at an event in Bogahawatte in Pannipitiya last night Dec 8, Guneratne said that the “drama enacted at the Swiss Embassy here” is also part of that effort.

Later he told reporters that the Embassy staffer is a citizen of Sri Lanka and if any harm has come to her then it is the duty of the Sri Lankan Armed Forces and Police to protect her.

Maj Gen (Rtd) Kamal Guneratne spoke at an event in Pannipitiya last night and accused the Swiss of helping the LTTE diaspora

The woman staff member who complains that she was abducted and threatened by unidentified men when she was on her way home from work last week went before the Criminal Investigation Department for the second time today.

Meanwhile pro-government civil society groups have also slammed the Swisss.

Jamburewela Chandrarathna Thero from the People’s Responsibility Center said that the Swiss embassy incident is an artificially created incident by the Swiss embassy and the western countries in an attempt to gather evidence against Sri Lanka for the Human Rights Council next year.

He told reporters this afternoon (9 Dec) in Colombo, that if in the future an investigation proves that the Swiss embassy is guilty of the incident then the majority of the western powers backing Switzerland will stand up for Switzerland and not for Sri Lanka.

Further, Chandrarathna Thero said if the media reports that say that the Swiss embassy has given visa to the CID officer Nishantha De Silva without even obtaining a leave confirmation from the respective workplace which is a must for an employee to obtain a visa,

It proves he said that the Swiss embassy has got involved in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka violating diplomatic and ambassadorial laws.





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