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Tuesday September 21st, 2021
Weather and Climate

Temperamental weather forecast for Sri Lanka: Heavy rainfall amid extreme heat

ECONOMYNEXT – The sun will continue to shine directly above Sri Lanka till April 14 resulting in extreme heat, even as the rest of the island is forecast to experience heavy rainfall, the department of meteorology said.

High temperatures were recorded in Bolawatta, Wedeniya, Wattarama, Ambagamuwa, Digana, Mahawala, Galgamuwa, Ampara and Oluvil at 12.12pm today.

“The sun, on its apparent march from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere, will be directly over the latitudes of Sri Lanka from April 05 to 14,” the met department said on its blog.

The latitudes at which the sun will be directly overhead, the closest towns corresponding to the given latitudes and the times at which the sun will appear overhead, are mentioned in the table below, courtesy the met department.

This phenomenon occurs twice a year: in March-April and August-September. This means that from August 28 to September 07 this year the sun will again move directly above Sri Lanka’s altitudes.

Sri Lankans have been experiencing extreme caution-level heat on their skin.

Meanwhile, the National Water Supply and Drainage Board (NWSDB) have requested the public to preserve water in the coming days due to prevailing drought conditions across the country.

NWSDB officials said the high temperatures as well as increased water consumption during the Avurudu festive season makes it difficult for board to continue the same level of water supply. People who live in higher elevations may experience low-pressure supply, the board said.

However, the intense heat notwithstanding, the met department predicts thunderstorms and gusty winds in the days ahead. In an advisory issued today, the department recommended precautionary measures to minimise damage from temporary localised strong winds and lightning during thundershowers.

Heavy rainfall up to 100mm and thunderstorms have been forecast for this evening in the Western, Sabaragamuwa, Central, Southern, Uva, North-western and North-central provinces.

Misty conditions can also be expected in parts of the Central, Sabaragamuwa and Western provinces in the morning hours, department said.

The seas off the coast extending from Colombo to Matara via Galle may experience showers and thunderstorms in the evening or night, the department warned. However, it said, fair weather will prevail over the other the other sea areas around the island.

Winds will be north-westerly to south-westerly in the sea areas extending from Kankasanturai to Hambantota via Puttalam, Colombo and Galle, while in other sea areas, winds will be south-easterly to North-easterly. Wind speeds will be anywhere between 30 to 40kmph according to the met department.

During the forecast thunderstorms, it said, the sea is expected to be very rough and have strong gusty winds up to 70-80 kmph. (Colombo/Apr08/2021)


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