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Temporary ban on industrial explosives lifted

The temporary ban on issuing explosives for industrial use has been lifted on the instructions of President Maithripala Sirisena, the Ministry of Defence announced today (29).

The National Security Council had previously suspended the issuance of explosives for such purposes due to security concerns in the wake of the Easter bombings.

Public and private sector establishments can obtain required quantities of explosives, based on the permits issued by respective District Secretaries, from the Commercial Explosive Fire Arms Procurement Unit (CEFAP). 

Explosives necessary for quarry and excavation-related industries can be obtained through District Secretaries and will be issued to permit-holders upon producing the permit at the respective District Secretariats.

All permits and licences issued for the use of commercial explosives in the quarry, fireworks and match industries are controlled and monitored by the Defence Ministry in liaison with the District Secretaries or Government Agents.

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