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Time has come to defeat religious extremism – Cardinal Ranjith

Archbishop of Colombo Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith says that it is the right time to defeat any religious ideology that destroys another faith or community in the name of God.

Addressing a special Mass held in Rome last Sunday (7 July), to commemorate the victims of Easter Sunday massacre, Cardinal Ranjith urged the faithful to respect the tremendous diversity existing in man and its social structure while safeguarding all other religions.

“If any religious philosophy or ideology does encourage killing, it ceases to be a religion any longer. Let us make a new Sri Lanka that rises steady and strong from the ashes,” the Cardinal said.

The Mass also saw the presence of clergy including the Maha Sanga, local and foreign priests and nuns.

Worshippers participating at the Mass

The Mass was organized by the community of Monsignor Neville Joe Perera in Rome and Sri Lankan Ambassador to Italy, Daya Pelpola, his wife and the staff of the Sri Lankan Embassy also joined the occasion.

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