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Top economic policy influencers in Washington named

ECONOMYNEXT – Steve Hanke, Maya MacGuineas, Adam Posen, Tyler Cowen and Heidi Shierholz have been named among top influencers of economic policy in America by US-based Washingtonian magazine.

The magazine said it avoided people who were in government and was involved in writing and executing laws.

“Their authority comes from the voters, and as we’ve learned, voters can be fickle,” the magazine said.

“Instead, we sought out people with deep subject-matter knowledge, the ones who understand the nuances and complexities of how and where laws affect business, government, and society—the ones who are going to be maintaining that knowledge no matter who gets voted in or voted out of office.”

Hanke, Professor of Applied Economics at John Hopkins University in Maryland, is an expert in monetary policy and heads the troubled currency project at Cato Institute and is called upon to testify at Congressional inquiries.

Maya MacGuineas is President of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget

Posen is president of the Petersen Institute for Economic Affairs. Cowen is Director, Mercatus Center at George Mason University.

Heidi Shierholz is Senior Economist and Director of Policy at the Economic Policy Institute

“We’ve included people from across the ideological spectrum. But we’ve tried to avoid “hired guns,” whose influence might derive purely from their Rolodex or their communications skills,” Washingtonian said.

“Instead, we’ve sought out those whose advocacy derives from policy expertise within their sector.





“Policymaking changes as governments come in and out of power. But the bedrock underlying it—expertise that enables public service and good-faith debate and explains why idealists still come to Washington—remains.”

Among others named were Greg Ip, Wall Street Journal’s Chief Economics Commentator, and Matthew Yglesias, Founder and Editor of Slow Boring, an online publication. (Colombo/Mar27/2021)

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