Train strike to continue indefinitely amidst threats

The railway strike launched by several trade unions over a number of demands will continue indefinitely, Locomotive Engine Operators’ Union (LEOU) Secretary Indika Dodangoda said today (03).

Issuing a statement yesterday (02), General Manager of the Railways M. J. D. Fernando noted that all engine drivers, station masters, guards and controllers who were on strike and had not reported to work to date will be considered as having vacated their posts from that day on.

Dodangoda told RepublicNext that the trade union action will go on continued indefinitely since the strikers cannot report to work even if they wish to do so, as they are considered to have left their jobs.

“The Railways Department said that those who engaged in the strike will be considered as having resigned from their posts.  We have already been sacked. The workers cannot report to work even if they are willing to. Therefore, we will continue the strike action. You should ask the Railways Department as to how they are going to run the trains,” Dodangoda said.

Commenting further, Dodangoda said that some 3,000 workers will lose their jobs due to the situation.

“However, we are not willing to appeal the authorities in this regard,” Dodangoda added.

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