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True SLFPers are gathering around AKD – Herath

Propaganda Secretary of JVP Vijitha Herath said that the true SLFPers are now gathering around National People’s Movement to ensure the victory of Anura Kumara as they are against Gotabaya Rajapaksa and UNP.

Speaking to media this morning (25 Oct) at Colombo, he said that the true SLFP supporters have not joined Gotabaya as they are against the family rule and not joined Sajith Premadasa as they are also against the policies of the UNP.

Further, he said that although Ranil Wickremesinghe came to power as Mr Clean, he showed the whole country how clean he was after a month through the bond scam.

He also added that even now Premadasa is saying that he will clean governance while having the same people around him including Tissa Atthanayake who betrayed the party.

Herath said that Sajith Premadasa had said that he would carry out capital punishment which is against the policies of the UNP.

Further, he said that although the report of the Parliamentary Select Committee which probed into easter attacks says that the president, prime minister and heads of security are responsible for not taking necessary steps to prevent the attacks, the report does not say that the whole government should take the responsibility.

“They have taken a diversion there,” he added

He said that Mahinda Rajapaksa and his group rejected the PSC report by saying Rauff Hakeem is also in the Select Committee. However, they left the PSC following the Prime Minister’s statement that the impeachment motion filed against Minister Rishard Bathiudeen was being investigated.

“They tell these kinds of stories to intimidate the people on the election stage, create a non-existing fear among the masses. Behind these rumours, there is clearly bankrupt political forces, they want to come to power by using the dead bodies,” said Herath.





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