Trust the forces and return to normality – Defence Secretary

Asserting that the sense of danger and uncertainty that prevailed in the country in the immediate aftermath of the Easter bombings has now been brought under control, newly appointed Secretary to the Ministry of Defence Shantha Kottegoda today requested all citizens to go about their daily routines, with the fullest confidence in the police and security forces.

Issuing a statement to the media this morning, the former Army Commander said the tri-forces along with the police are working round the clock to root out terrorism in the country.

A majority of suspects linked to the attacks have now been taken into custody, he said, adding that operations are underway to apprehend any remaining terrorists or explosives.

Kottegoda further said that security has been provided to all schools, places of worship and tourist hotspots, and urged the public to return to their lives. He also requested the people to only trust official, verified information from the media unit of the Ministry of Defence.

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