TV Channels ordered to provide Rathana tape to Police

The Kurunegala Magistrate has issued a court order directing the Hiru and Derana Television channels to release unedited tapes of the MP Athureliye Rathana Thero allegedly making a threatening statement against a senior CID officer.

Magistrate Sampath Hewawasam made the order on a request by the CID yesterday after Police applied for it.

In a B report filed in court, the CID says that Rathana Thero had made the threat on June 27 against the Officer in Charge of the Organised Crimes Division Assistant Superintendent V S Tissera.

The Thero has allegedly pointed a finger at the police officer and said: “the whole world is watching this case.”

In his report Tissera says that Rathana Thero “has even made critical statements in public media outside the Courthouse mentioning my name. It is a violation of section 04 of the Assistance to and Protection of Victims of Crime and Witnesses Act, No. 4 of 2015.”

Therefore the CID asked the Magistrate for appropriate orders under section 124 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

Rathana Thero is among a host of Buddhist Monks who have brought public pressure on the case in question where a Senior House Officer at the Kurunegala Teaching hospital has been accused of rendering hundreds of women infertile against their will.

The doctor in questions Dr. Siyabdeen Shafi was enlarged on bail yesterday.

The CID informed the court that the Director of the hospital had obstructed them from carrying out their duties.

They also obtained a court order to take statements from three specialist doctors over this case.





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