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Two explosive-laden vehicles in Colombo

A source from Temple Trees confirmed the existence of two explosives-laden vehicles possibly roaming the streets of Colombo.

According to a letter signed by OIC Kamal Senanayake to the Chief of Security at the Colombo Harbour, state intelligence has uncovered the existence of a lorry/truck and a small van laden with explosives and covered in aluminium which have entered the Colombo city limits.

The later dated 23 April urgently requests the harbour security chief to brief all security officials of the Sri Lanka Ports Authority as well as officials on duty at the entrances to the harbour on this development.

Meanwhile, a Special Task Force (STF) bomb disposal unit arrived at Station Road, Kollupitiya earlier today following a tip about two vehicles. According to one STF personnel who spoke to RepublicNext, the two vehicles were a Canter lorry and a Scooty motorcycle.

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