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Saturday May 15th, 2021

Two returnees from the UK test positive as Sri Lanka’s COVID-19 cases surge past 41,000

ECONOMYNEXT – Two returnees from the United Kingdom along with four other returnees from elsewhere tested positive for COVID-19 over a 24-hour period ended at 0600 hours today (28), Sri Lanka’s COVID-19 prevention task force said.

Sri Lanka restricted arrivals from the UK last week until further notice after a new variant of the novel coronavirus was discovered there. According to official sources, however, an inbound flight from the UK with Sri Lankan repatriates aboard had already taken off by the time Colombo had taken the decision. Another flight was also scheduled to be taken off, officials said.

Sri Lanka’s army chief and head of the COVID-19 task force Lt Gen Shavendra Silva told the privately owned Derana TV earlier that passengers and crew of the two flights were directed to a special quarantine facility for a period of 14 days.

Health authorities identified 674 novel coronavirus patients in Sri Lanka yesterday. Outside of the six returnees, 668 of these patients were identified from the local clusters associated with the pandemic.

Of the four non-UK returnees, one is from the UAE, one is from Qatar, and the remaining two from Italy.

A majority of the new cases as at 6am today were from the Western Province: 174 from Colombo, 153  from Gampaha, and 110 are from Kalutara. Fifty-two people in the Kandy district also tested positive for the virus.

National Operation Centre for the Prevention of COVID-19 (NOCPOC) reports show that the number of cases discovered in the Colombo district has reduced while  numbers in other districts have increased.

Among the newly identified patients are 14 inmates at the Mahara prison, 40 at the Negombo prison and one at the Welikada prison.

Meanwhile, 49 new patients were identified during the last eight days using rapid antigen tests carried out at the exits from the Western Province, Lt Gen Silva said. Eight new cases were found at these exits yesterday, he told the state-run ITN.

“These patients were capable of creating 49 sub clusters throughout the country without their knowing it,” he said.

With new patients, Sri Lanka’s total number of COVID-19 cases has increased to 41,054, with 8,162 active cases and 497 individuals currently under investigations at various hospitals.

NOCPOC said 650 patients returned home upon recovery over the past 24 hours that ended at 6am today,  bringing the total number of recovered patients to 32,701.

Sri Lanka reported four new deaths yesterday bringing the total number of deaths due to COVID-19 to 191.

Sri Lanka repatriation flights brought in 36 returnees from abroad, all of whom will be directed to military run quarantine centres, NOCPOC said.

As of today, 5,595 returnees from abroad are under quarantine in 74 quarantine centres in the country.

Isolated areas in the country at the time of writing are as follows:

Police Areas – Mutwal, Grandpass, Wolfendhal, Maligawaththa, Dematagoda, Kotahena, Kosgama, Awissawella
Grama Niladhari areas – Wanathamulla, Hateywatta, Ferguson Road South, Nazeer Watta, Demala Watta, Galagedara East, Dematagoda Veluwana Road

GN areas –Peliyagodawatta, Peliyagoda, Migahawatta, Hiripitiya Nidahas Mawatha South, Duwewatta, Rohana Wihara Mawatha, Wedikanda, Warana Temple Road, Kantota Road, Hidra Mawatha, Kumari Mulla, Nelligahawatta, Poornakotuwa Watta, Sri Jayanthi Mawatha
Housing scheme – Thalduwa MC Housing Scheme

GN areas – Atalugama East, Atalugama West, Epitamulla, Bogahawaththa, Korawala, Galgemandiya, Bamunumulla, Vegangalla West, Vegangalla East, Marikkar Veediya, Kottawatta, Thotawatta

GN areas – Poornawatta West

GN areas – Akkareipattu 05, Akkareipattu 14, Akkareipattu Town 03, Addalachchenai 08, Oluvil 02, Palamunei 01, Alayadiwembu 8/1, Alayadiwembu 8/3, Alayadiwembu 09

GN areas – Galbokka East, Galbokka West, Aluth Weediya, Kohunugamuwa, Hetti Weediya, Yonakapura West, Yonakapura East

GN areas – Milinduwa, Koongaha, Thalapitiya, Dangahagedara East, Dedugoda North, Dedugoda South, Makuluwa, Thunduwe West, Thunduwa East

GN areas – Godigamuwa, Minnana, Wilegoda, Yakudagoda, Asgangula, Bopatta, Rakwana, Rakwana North, Rakwana South, Mas Imbula, Kottala

GN areas – Alupotha

GN areas – Abayapura, Jinna Nagar, Murugapuri

Police areas – Ruwanwella (Colombo/Dec28/2020)


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    I love your website